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Š 2012
QsymiaŽ can help you lose weight

          Many people knew that a medication called QnexaŽ was being tested in clinical trials, to test its effectiveness and its safety for use. The good news is that this medicine was found safe and effective by the US FDA Federal Drug Administration and is shortly to become available as QsymiaŽ.

          Many Americans are obese, and we are not happy about it. Firstly, obesity is bad for our health: it is a major contributor to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, and a host of other health conditions. Also, our society places great value on the appearance of slim people, so most obese people are unhappy about their appearance and want to lose this excess weight.
          The snag is that it is not easy to lose weight. Our bodies are geared to maintaining our weight: when we try and cut down our food intake, we feel hungry and irritable, and we often find it difficult to get a good night's sleep. And there is only one way to lose weight, and to keep that weight off permanently: and that is to eat less energy than what our bodies need during the weight-loss period, and then to keep eating only enough energy to replace what we burn up. So, whereas there are other things that contribute to having a healthy weight, namely exercising and adopting a sensible eating plan, there is no doubt that eating less is the key part to getting rid of obesity.
          So it is that in order to start losing body weight, many people need to use some medication to help them get over the first hurdles. Once the average obese person has lost enough weight to make it possible to start on an exercise programme, he usually finds it easier to diet: because the exercise releases hormones which help to control appetite. Also, the obese person has unlearned the natural responses from his or her body: such a person does not recognise the signals from the stomachs that he has eaten enough, and he keeps on eating. Once he has eaten healthy portions for a couple of weeks he learns to listen to his body, and he finds it easier to stop eating once his stomach is full.
          An appetite suppressant such as QsymiaŽ may be ideal to help those people who find it impossible to control their eating initially. Bear in mind that any appetite suppressant is not intended to be used indefinitely: any medication, no matter how safe, carries the potential to produce unwanted effects. We know after the clinical trials what the most likely side effects of a medicine are: but as we all have different chemical make-up, any person could potentially demonstrate an unusual and unexpected side-effect of any medication at any time. So medicines should only be used with caution, and only for as long as they are needed to correct a problem.
          You may have heard that it took a long time for the FDA to approve the use of QsymiaŽ, and you may wonder why this is: you may wonder whether there were a large number of potential risks associated with it. The fact is that the FDA is very aware of finding over the last few years that a couple of widely-used medicines which it had approved, had been found after being used for a couple of years, to have unacceptable side-effects. For this reason it investigated QsymiaŽ very thoroughly before approving it.
          QsymiaŽ, fortunately, has been found to be generally a safe medication. The only serious side effect is found when the medicine is taken by a pregnant woman: her chances of having her baby born with a cleft palate are higher than in the general population of pregnant women not taking it. Apart from that, the other unwanted side effects relate to a small number of people ranging from a dry mouth and some nausea, and either constipation or diarrhoea. A few experience headaches and fatigue. But always consult with a doctor or pharmacist regarding all possible side effects.
          But the good news is that QsymiaŽ has a few really good effects apart from the weight loss, and that these are the kinds of effects are really helpful to obese people. For a start, it reduces the blood pressure and the bad kinds of blood lipids. Now, a large number of obese people have a blood pressure that is higher than the normal limits, so for them to take a weight loss medication that also reduces their blood pressure is really useful. And many obese people also have a raised cholesterol level: so QsymiaŽ helps them on this level as well.
          It is fortunate for the USA, and for the world, that this drug has been developed. Obesity causes so many health problems and such a lot of loss of productivity that every effort needs to be made to help people who are obese. Also, the costs of health care for people suffering from the diseases directly linked to obesity are so huge that they form a burden for the taxpayers. The costs of treating diabetes alone in the USA are quite terrifying: and the number of people with obesity is growing, so the costs of treating such diseases are going to keep increasing.
          In order to help people live a healthy lifestyle, the medical profession needs to pull out all the stops. A great deal of health education is needed. Families need to keep their children within a health weight range by getting them to eat healthy foods in moderation and to get more exercise. Adults need to learn to choose more wisely when buying food, and to avoid high-energy foods and sugary drinks: and mostly, they need to curb their portion sizes.
The FDA has only recently approved the use of QsymiaŽ. So the drug is not, at the time of writing this article, generally available yet: the manufacturer is still preparing to produce it in quantities large enough for use by the public. But soon it will be in the market place, and doctors will be able to prescribe it to help their patients regain their health.